Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs                     

Overcome personal struggles and discover a new you

Virtually in the comfort of your home

Is life coaching something you need?

Are you wondering if this is for you? Or when should one get a Personal Coach?

Watch the video to find out.

Who is it for? 


  • Feeling overwhelmed or lost

  • Ready to challenge old beliefs and overcome fears

  • Wants to feel more confident and sure of themselves 

  • Is done hiding behind excuses and prepared to put in the work required to change their life


A Personal Coach will challenge the way you think and push you to make goals and perform tasks that scare you but will help you grow.

People who hire a Personal Coach do not lack the ability to solve their problems by themselves. Instead they're proactive and wish to solve them 10x faster rather than wasting years of their life so they can be happier and more successful sooner than later.


Common reasons people hire a Personal Coach:


  1. Lack confidence but wish to acquire it

  2. At an all-time low and want to start afresh in life

  3. Want to break old habits, thought patterns and reinvent yourself

  4. Need guidance while undergoing a major life transition.


  1. Hate their job or feeling lost in their career 

  2. Stuck in a rut at work, unable to be creative or make progress


  1. Unable to move on after the break down of a relationship

  2. Struggling to overcome challenges in a relationship

Session Structure

  • 60 mins

  • Review of progress since previous session

  • Focus on one topic

  • Actionable steps to be taken

  • A written commitment from you

My mission is to help you grow from your struggles and thus, I need you to invest time, energy and focus. Come prepared to put in the work and see your life transform. 

happy customer after a life coaching session

What will you gain?

  I focus on 3C'sClarity, Courage and Confidence


  • You will need to be honest and dig deep to answer questions I pose to you. Instead of running away from your fears, feelings or problems, we will face them head on. It’s the only way to attain CLARITY and find the path right for you.

  • In our sessions, I will give you small steps that you would need to take one after the other to build COURAGE required to overcome your struggles. One step at a time, we will climb mountains you never thought you could.

  • Even if you start at zero, if you commit and stay consistent, CONFIDENCE becomes a natural by-product of your efforts. I will hold you accountable and call out your excuses as a coach must. You will have to show up and do the work. Result: your confidence will grow and touch new heights.

Success stories

Shibani Chattopadhyay

Shibani Chattopadhyay, Entrepreneur

I had heard about paradigm-shifts before, but after Deepti coached me I understood them at a deeper level. She brought to the surface some deep-seated assumptions I had that had held me back.

I had limiting beliefs about money and my abilities as a business-owner, which I now realise were total BS. I was so heavily conditioned that I couldn't look beyond them. Coaching has changed the way I see myself and what I can accomplish in my life.


Now I don’t have to rely on cliched motivational tactics to pump myself up like I used to. Managing my business has become a smoother process thanks to the work I did in my coaching sessions. If you're stuck professionally, Deepti will help you find you exactly what you need to work on to move forward! She's the best! 

Got a question? Ask me here.

Would you like to speak to me on a 30 minute introductory call to discuss your goals and/or struggles? Contact me on +91 9560350901.

Still undecided? 

The following are excuses your brain will come up with to keep you where you are:

STUCK and COMFORTABLE in your misery.

I don’t know if I will benefit from this.

You’re scared of dealing with your problems.

I don’t have money to spend on this.

Cue for you to postpone, forget and move on, and blame your memory later.

I should think some more before signing up. 



Do you spend on eating out? Lack of money is a lie you tell yourself to avoid facing your problems.

The first session is fully refundable, no questions asked, if you don’t find it beneficial.

Ready to take action and change your life for the better?